Tiling Services

Tiling and plastering require a range of overlapping skills – if the initial plastering is done to a high quality, the subsequent task of tiling is made both easier and faster. While it’s not uncommon for companies to offer multi-trades, it is unusual for them to provide all these to a high standard: many do a lot of things but none well.

We pride ourselves on offering a complementary range of skills that encompass the full process of plastering and tiling. Many of our workers – and all our supervisors – are trained and time-served in both key trades. Working as part of the team with the companies we service, our expert tillers/plasterers offer a high-quality finish to any building project.


At Collins Building Solutions, we are pleased to offer all types of wall and floor tiling in a range of materials, including:

We are able to tile both internal and external surfaces, including bathrooms and kitchens, and staircases to flats.

Example of Collin's tiling work Example of Collin's tiling work on flooring Example of Collin's tiling work on set of stairs 1 Example of Collin's tiling work on set of stairs 2
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