Energy Solutions

External Rendering and Insulation

Collins Building Solutions offers a range of rendering services of two key types:

Monocouche Renders

‘Monocouche’ is a French term describing the fact that these renders are applied in one coat to form and cure as a single layer on the outside of buildings. The advanced formulation of monocouche renders allows them to be pigmented and textured, giving an attractive coloured finish that also assists with waterproofing. We use a range of monocouche renders, including high-quality products from K Rend and Weber, for whom we are an approved contractor.

External Renders

External render can insulate properties that have solid walls and so cannot be insulated using other methods suitable only for cavity walls. We are an approved contractor for leaders in the technical development and rigorous testing of external wall insulation, including Alsecco, Alumasc, PermaRock and Wetherby.


We are also able to supply and fit insulated and acoustic flooring.


We work with local authorities on a range of energy solutions, funded by ECO (the Energy Company Obligation), and the Green Deal.

ECO Funding

ECO is a new obligation placed on energy companies by central government to meet policy objectives related to affordable warmth, reducing carbon and tackling fuel poverty. The obligation is nationally worth an annual £1.3 billion and will run until March 2014, when it is expected to be extended.

Green Deal Funding

The Green Deal is a government policy that aims to reduce carbon emissions cost-effectively by revolutionising the energy efficiency of British properties. This new and innovative funding means members of the public no longer need to pay upfront for energy-efficiency measures. Instead, the costs of these measures are covered by low-interest loans tied to residents’ energy bills. Green Deal providers issue these loans, and then Green Deal installers put the efficiency measures into people’s homes. For more information on the Green Deal, please visit

We are currently working towards PAS (Publicly Available Specification) 2030, the BSI standard on which the Green Deal is built. Commissioned by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), this documents the necessary installation and management processes, and service provision, for energy-efficiency improvements made to existing UK residential and commercial properties.

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